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Hunter Wood
Hunter Wood

Ample Bass Upright v3.1.0: A Virtual Instrument for Realistic Upright Bass Sounds

ample bass upright comes with 18 different articulations and six instruments, the electric bass, tubas, spanish, 3-string, 5-string and a fretless. each articulation allows you to control its parameters with the in-app tuner, and there is also a dedicated tuning knob. tune each string up to 10 frets using the in-app tuner, which also works with modo bass note generator, modo bass tutor, or with any midi keyboard.

Ample Bass Upright v3.1.0 Incl Keygen (WIN OSX)-R2R

ik also included a total of over 3 gb of samples for each articulation of the bass, between 25 and 90 seconds of each note. you can play these directly or use modo bass note generator, modo bass tutor or any midi keyboard and be able to play any notes or speed you want. where there are gaps, click and drag with the back of your mouse to record and play the guitar tab using any software.

the program is a complete library of iks sound beds, including for a guitar, a bass, a keyboard, a stomp box, a slide guitar, a hammond organ and drums. all are available with or without drums, and many basses have two or more articulations (pitches) that can be used together to create a different sound and feel.

features ample bass upright virtual double bass instrument. includes 6 articulations: sustain, jamming, natural harmonics, hammer on & pull off, legato glide. legato articulations can be used to produce legato notes of any length, speed, pitch and polyphony.

with ample bass upright you can naturally record your bass and create your own custom sound in any style with the help of the included hollywood drum machine samples from the following genres: disco, funk, hard rock, house, latin, lounge, new jack, old school and techno.


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