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Mallorca Pearls Buy Online

2.2 For the purchase of Products through the Online Store, Majorica will prompt users to register, to which end Customers must fill out the online form that at any given time shall be displayed in the Online Store, following the instructions therein. During the registration process, true and accurate details must be provided exclusively and in all cases.

mallorca pearls buy online

The right of the User to withdraw the purchase made through the Online Store is acknowledged, and, therefore, if he or she is not satisfied, and provided that the nature of the acquired Product so permits, he or she can return the Product within a maximum period of fourteen (14) calendar days starting from the date of the delivery of the order to the address indicated by the Customer. Through the Online Store by completing the online form attached to the return request.

Just because they don't come from oysters doesn't mean these pearls aren't precious, and our handmade pearl earrings are exquisite creations in their own right. A set of pearl earrings are the epitome of classic elegance and a safe fashion choice for formal occasions. To buy handmade pearl earrings and jewelry visit our Majorca pearl factory and shop direct.

Hand made at our pearl factory in Majorca, our exquisite pearl rings, set in silver or gold, with a 14 mm. white cabouchon pearl, Rose Quartz and Amethyst or Zirconia and black and white pearls. From vintage to contemporary, for engagements, anniversaries or just because you want to, our beautiful pearl rings add a touch of style to any occasion.

Stunning handcrafted collection of organic pearls from Majorca set in sterling silver or 18 carat gold, to be worn on a simple chain. Choose from hundreds of styles, sizes and colours, and match with a set of earrings, a bracelet or a ring for a timeless elegance that can only be achieved by wearing pearls. Browse our pearl pendants collection and shop directly at the pearl factory.

Faux pearl strands from our Majorca pearl factory are exquisite creations, timeless elegance made to be worn on special events and to adorn and complement the most stylish attire. Glamorous to a fault and reminiscent of the stars of the silver screen, a strand of pearls is simply perfect; you cannot go wrong with the simple elegance of a strand of pearls.

Visit our factory and get to see the entire process of pearl making first hand. We offer guided tours around the different areas of our pearl factory in Majorca and will take you on a magical journey where we show you and explain how we make our pearls, the design and elaboration, all by hand and then to the exhibition room to see the finished product.

We have a vast space to showcase our pearl jewelry beside the factory which allows you to see all the different and varying sizes and colours of pearls, necklaces, rings, pendants, bracelets, earring and chokers in optimum conditions and to try on anything you like.

Under the direction of its founder, Juan María Forgas, Orquidea developed a surprising formula that reproduced the process of creating cultured pearls; a process which closely resembles the natural way an oyster makes a pearl, and uses natural marine materials to create an exquisite handmade product.

Having taken the tour of our factory and seen the pearl making process, met the artisans who make our exquisite pearls and then visited the show room, you can now buy your own pearl jewelry at the factory shop at special factory prices.

The factory visit was fascinating and the sales staff were hugely helpful. I choose a stunning set of pearl earrings and a matching pearl necklace. I am delighted and have been wearing the earrings every day. The strand of pearls is a little too lovely for everyday use but I have already shown it off at a couple of events.

Our collection offers impeccable quality and superior value. Through light, our organic, man-made pearls reveal a divine inner glow and unmatched luster and iridescence. The varying colors of white, gray, dove gray, bronze, aubergine and peacock green, the rarest of them all, are harmoniously radiant. The result is a collection which bears witness to the subtlety of fine design and the timeless seductive lure of JOIA De Majorca man-made pearls

Unfortunately, however, one consequence of their popularity has been the rise of fake pearl production. Given advances in the creation of fake pearls, unknowingly buying fake pearls has been a problem that more and more people have had to deal with. In this article, we provide an in-depth guide on how to tell if pearls are real or fake. Before identifying specific ways to do so, we set the context by first giving you details about what defines a pearl as authentic.

First and foremost, both natural pearls and cultured pearlsare 100% authentic pearls because both are produced by mollusks such as oystersand mussels. The primary difference between these two types of pearls is howthe pearl formation process begins. For natural pearls, a microscopic irritantgets trapped inside the pearl completely by random chance in the wild,prompting the mollusk to begin covering the irritant with nacre and eventually producinga pearl after a few years. For cultured pearls, on the other hand, the irritantis inserted into the mollusk by a pearl cultivator through a delicate incision.

As mentioned earlier, only natural and cultured pearls andconsidered authentic. As the popularity of pearls continued to grow in the 20thcentury, so did the rise of counterfeit pearls. Most fake pearls that are onthe market today come from China and are made in labs using materials such asplastic and glass. Today, fake pearls come under the disguise of many othernames, including:

One reason why Mallorca Pearls are so world famous is the fact that, though they are man-made jewelry, they are as close to genuine pearls as any other man-made stone. In fact, it typically takes an expert to detect a natural oyster pearl from Mallorca Pearls. Produced in Mallorca, Spain, I am the only distributor in Florida of the exquisite MadrePerla designs.

At RGB Mallorca Pearls, I sell handmade Mallorca Jewelry in Miami, FL at incredibly affordable prices. While handmade Mallorca jewelry is much less expensive than natural pearls, many jewelry makers claim to sell genuine Mallorca Pearls but really sell a low-quality imitation so they can capitalize off the Mallorca brand.

Unlike natural pearls formed inside of an oyster, each Mallorca Pearl is handcrafted to be the exact same size, shape, and color of the natural. Moreover, each pearl is hardened and polished with a protective coat that prevents chipping, peeling, or yellowing over time. Other imitation jewels lack the qualities that genuine stones offer, but my handmade Mallorca jewelry enhances those qualities.

You will not find blemishes, discolorations, or bumps in my pearls. They look just like oyster pearls, feel almost just like them in weight and warmth, and, best of all, are much more affordable than oyster pearls! You can only get these marvelous works of wonder at RGB Mallorca Pearls!

Pearl jewelry is the perfect way to add refinement to a formal dress or a business suit. That is why for centuries pearls have accented some of the most famous portraits of elegance and royalty. Yet for the last few centuries, pearls have gained in popularity as the most affordable precious gem to own.

I have continued to expand my pearls jewelry collections to include custom designs as well as traditional styles. I sell a variety of elegant pearl earrings at RGB Mallorca Pearls that can help to dress up any type of attire.

At RGB Mallorca Pearls, I have built my reputation for selling the highest-quality pearl jewelry at the lowest prices possible. It is my desire to make my fashion jewelry, and pearls available to women of all backgrounds.

I am carrying on the tradition started hundreds of years ago that has made pearl jewelry the most affordable jewelry with precious stones. You can buy splendid, lovely, and elegant pearl jewelry for all occasions at my online store.

The place you stopped was probably at the factory in Manacor where they are made. You can buy them in El Corte Ingles department store. I think they also have a Majorica shop in Palma and are available online.

The factory will most likely be Majorica on the Manacor road. Majorica pearls are also sold at most jewellers both on Mallorca and throughout Spain. There are also many inferior copies so be careful what you buy. I like Majorica pearls (would rather have real pearls but they make a good substitute lol) but - as always - it should be a case of buyer beware as a friend bought a particularly expensive string and, when she returned to the UK, had them valued for insurance purposes only to be told they were worth considerably less than she had paid.

Cultured pearls are pearls that come from a mollusk, whether saltwater or Freshwater varieties. These pearls are nucleated with either a small mother of pearl bead nucleus or a square 1mm piece of mantle tissue, which irritates the mollusk into forming a pearl sac, and then subsequently coating the "seed" with crystalline nacre layers, eventually forming a pearl .

If you have a pearl necklace (or pearl earrings, bracelets, pendant, etc.) in front of you, your very first and most formidable tool is simple observation. Place the jewelry on a plain white sheet of paper and begin examining the pearls inch-by-inch.

Synthetic pearls will feel smooth, like plastic, because man-made gems lack these crystalline plates. The Tooth Test is not 100% definitive, but it will point you in the right direction and spot most fake pearls.

There are three major types of synthetic pearls commonly found on the market at the moment (although new, hard-to-spot fakes, and "off-brand" synthetics are always being experimented with and introduced). The ones you should know about are: 041b061a72


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