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Got some golf gear you need to unload?We want this to be a place to help you guys be able to buy, sell and trade with other MGS Forum members. We do not want this to be a place that is for people trying to unload a surplus of equipment, counterfeit equipment or a place that is a flipping ground to make profit. Simply put this is a place to help you get rid of some of your old gear so you can maybe get some new gear.1. All items must be in your possession and be owned by you.2. Sorry but only personal items can be posted. New/used is fine as long as you're not selling this for your business. 3. No ads or external sale links will be allowed.4. Please provide original pictures of your postings. Do not used images from the web.5. No selling of counterfeit equipment.6. Include a price for each product listed.7. Please provide all pertinent contact info needed.

Please note: A site subscription is required to start a new listing in our Buy & Sell forum. There is an option to subscribe for a month for $5 if you would like to sell something without a longer subscription.

All transactions (buy, sell, and trade) in the Buy & Sell forum are strictly at your own risk. and its owner are not affiliated with anyone buying, selling, or trading on the board. We are not liable for any misrepresentation, fraud or spam posted here. The remainder of our Buy & Sell forum rules are in the Site Terms of Service, which you can read here:

This is the catch all forum for buying/selling and trading all the items that do not have their own specific BST Forum. General merchandise, rods, reels, trucks, tools, clothing, waders, boots, etc, etc.

Want to sell Oakley Sunglasses or looking to buy Oakley Sunglasses at affordable prices, this is best place for a reliable and safe exchange. If you're looking to save on an Oakley Sunglasses sale, Get in touch with potential buyers or sellers for authentic Oakley sunglasses. Whether you buy or sell your Oakley Collection, you'll be happy!

With the total volume, the best you can do is make the assumption that if the price is going up then most of the volume is buying. If the price is going down then its more selling volume. Otherwise, you would need to look at the trade and/or quote bars to get a more precise representation.

Well, I guess we can go back and forth indefinitely. The way I see it is that the shorters are per-using shares that they do not own. They never bought them. I guess one could argue that they are acting on behalf of Kathy as if she herself were selling shares, but that also fails an edge case test since now both Kathy and Renaldo are proud owners of the same shares (where Renaldo himself can now lend them out for shorting). If only shares of a company were a tangible deliverables, I have a feeling, the whole shorting system would fall apart fast. 041b061a72


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