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Barbie Dreamhouse Party [UPD]

After Raquelle accidentally switches the helpful house butler "Closet" to "Party Game" mode, Barbie and her friends must party and play their way through the Dreamhouse to switch Closet back to "Normal" mode.

Barbie Dreamhouse Party

The Diamond Birthday Party Package has a minimum of 10 guests plus one chaperone and includes Skip The Line Admission to the Barbie Dreamhouse for your guests. It comes with one hour of private use of the birthday party room. In that hour, you have the room to yourselves and you can do whatever you want during that time like a craft, game, activity, open presents, sing Happy Birthday and eat cupcakes. Here the girls had fun with The Barbie Dreamhouse Activity Book which is a great activity to do while all your guests are arriving.

I strongly recommend having at least one other person with you to help setup. I was able to get everything for the party into one shopping bag and one large rolling suitcase which was a lifesaver when you have to transport quickly your decor items from your car to the party space in one trip. I was able to roll through the mall and up several escalators with no problems. I also recommend having your daughter and guests wait outside the room until the party begins and the room is fully set up. My hubby stayed with our daughter outside while I set up so I could FOCUS! 20 minutes goes by REALLY FAST.

Table Signs Use custom table signs to define areas of the party room such as the Favor Bar, Activity Stations, Candy Bar and of course custom Happy Birthday signs for the birthday girl!

Tonya Coleman is a premiere event planner, stylist & graphic designer. She shares party tips & inspiration here at Soiree Event Design for women who want to host fabulous parties with less stress. Following her passion to give back and support new party planners, Tonya has launched The Partypreneurs School of Party Planning an online suite of courses and coaching that teaches new and aspiring party planners how to turn their hobby and passion into a money-making party planning business. You can connect with her on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

The game centers around a group of four friends - Barbie, Raquelle, Nikki and Teresa - who are trapped inside of Barbie's mansion after Raquelle switched one of the mansion's robot named Robot to "party mode." Shortly after being trapped in the mansion, the gang finds themselves fighting for the top of the leaderboard through a series of minigames. 041b061a72


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